Honey Prices
1 lbGourmet Montana Clover Honey -  Large Queenline Glass Jar $20
1 lbLocal Upper Napa Valley Wildflower - Large Queenline Glass Jar $20
2 lbLocal Upper Napa Valley Wildflower - X Large Queenline Glass Jar$40
5lbLocal Upper Napa Valley Wildflower - XX Large Glass Jar
We have truly local organic upper valley Napa wildflower honey for sale. Our honey is sustainably harvested, and we practice ethical, biodynamic beekeeping. Our hives are located next to Bothe state park where the bees can forage on countless sources of nectar and pollen.

We are also fortunate to have travelled to Montana over the summer and have acquired from a fellow beekeeper some absolutely *beautiful* Montana Clover. This single source honey is golden bright and an amazing contrast to our local amber wildflower. Try them both!

 Contact us for pre-arranged drop off in the cities of St Helena and Calistoga and the immediate surrounding areas in the upper valley. Pickup also available.
 We are a Certified Culinary Garden Approved Source by the County of Napa department of agriculture and environmental services and our honey is preferred by local chefs!

Available without our label so you can add your own brand otherwise will be delivered branded Queen's Apiary. Honey makes a wonderful and special gift for your guests!

Thank you to all of our customers for their support and supporting local businesses!

We are planning our summer harvest, if you'd like to be notified when we have more honey sizes back in stock fill out the form and we will contact you